2015 Are You Ready?

2015 Are YOU Ready?

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water Training, and Development; designed to fill the gaps left by public and university education institutions. Our focus is personal leadership and personal accountability. Our goal is to shape the next generation of leaders in order to: improve careers, build companies, and enhance personal lives, to ensure a full and vibrant life.

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

Works with you to:

Design and Initiate your Vision

Design and Initiate your Mission

Design and Initiate your Strategy

Design and Initiate your Personal and Corporate Leadership

Design and Initiate your Legacy

Design and Initiate your Ability to relieve Stress

Design and Initiate your Barriers to making and keeping Commitments

Design and Initiate your Plan to maximize your Time

Design and Initiate your Matrix to Problem Solving

Design and Initiate your Daily Best Life

Call Right Now! Or Sign up at www.EWFW.org

30 minute Complementary Phone Coaching Session.

We are available for:

Keynote Presentations ♦ Personal Mentoring / Coaching

Business Mentoring / Coaching ♦ Motivational / Instructional Speaking

We serve entrepreneurs, business-community, and religious leaders. Employees and people who want to become better leaders.

Dick Powell

Leadership Wrangler

Now is the time to put YOUR plan into place for 2015!!

Set Your Time and Date to Exceed in 2015!!


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