Random House Dictionary:

Communication: 1. the act or process of communicating. 2. The imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech.

We all communicate. So why doesn’t everyone understand me? I hear this question repeatedly. Text, email, instant message, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Smart phones, all push us to communicate. In person, it is even harder as we have to have a face-to-face conference.

Relationships: Relations are hard, sometimes messy, filled with drama and a negative place in life. On the other hand, they can be exciting, fulfilling, enthusiastic and a positive adventure. What makes the difference? YOU!

The lenses in which we look through, are where we grew up, with whom we grew up with, what we read, watch, listen to and who we are hanging out with. All these factors play apart in the communication package. YOURS!

Point # 1 People want to know that you:

Understand them: In order to do that you must listen with intent to understand and not just listening long enough to give an answer.

Focus on them: When they are speaking, it is all about them – Not You! Look them in the eye. Nod to let them know you are in there, give a verbal recognition, and take some notes

High expectations: Believe they are a “10”. You need to have a caring, inquisitive spirit. People, will rise or fall to the expectation give, both verbally and non-verbally.

Life experiences: We all have different life experiences and adventure. In a relationship you will find common ground even if it is on opposite sides of an issue.

Point # 2 People need to see:

Conviction to the topic: Be in the moment and explain in the shortest terms and fewest words. If they look like they do not understand, ask if they need clarifications.

Live by example: When we say one thing and do another the inconsistency will result in the all stop of communication. People do what people see.


2E + 1M = Two Ears + One Mouth = Communication

Words: The words we use make all the difference. Know what part of the country or world, its traditions, slang, and normal word pronunciation is as important as walking.

Tone of voice: Your tone of voice misunderstood as to how the listener hears it and what is going on around them. Be careful here. There are times when the speaker is enthusiastic and received by the listed as entering their space.

Body Language: How you present yourself will at times send a message you are not meaning to send. The same goes as the speaker watches the listener.

Point # 3 People need to feel:


Yourself & Them: Be what you wish to see and experience in them.

Gratitude: Show gratitude for the speaker in taking the time and sharing with you.

Communicators are:

Prepared: Be ready – listen, take notes, engaged.

Committed: Be in the moment, with no distractions.

Interesting: Be knowledgeable. Do your homework before the meeting, no matter           what media you are using.

Comfortable: When you are uncomfortable in this setting, it will show long before           you get to speak. Relax we are just having a conversation. Set the expectations by setting the ground rules for the conversation.

Communicators are connectors:

Humor: It is hard to communicate if there is no humor, even if it is dry wit.

Heart: The speaker and the listened need a heart for each other to build a connection.

Hope: The unwritten hope is always: How can I help you? There are times when no words are    needed; just a hug is all that is required. Knowing that the other person is there, in the moment and they are willing to listen and not provide and answer unless asked.

Help: How can I help you? This is one of my favorite questions. It is all about the      other person. Help where you ca. Provide hope when you can. Show your heart when you can and above all Smile. There are times when a non-verbal smile is all the help a person needs to keep going.

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