Starting The Fire Within

Starting the Fire Within

As I prepared for a business adventure that would include the outdoors, I came across my old flint and steel kit. As I put a spark to the char cloth, I discovered much more than the flame.

Flint, if you have ever handled it is hard, cold rough and will cut you like a knife if it slips in your hands the wrong way. The reality is that without it you will have no spark.

You have to have a piece of steel to strike the flint to make the spark that will need to land in the char cloth.      Char cloth is made by taking a piece of cotton fabric and lighting it on fire and putting it into a closed container to smolder. The idea is that it has burnt once and will catch a spark quickly and easily. You still need something else.

You must have the knowledge to be able to put this all together and have a fire. You must prepare the char cloth in advance and keep it dry and then strike the flint with the steel striker at just the right angle to get the spark to land on the char cloth and then blow gently while placing the burning char cloth into your tinder. A fire is born.

Having the flint is good. Having made the char cloth is good. Having the steel is good. Having the knowledge is priceless!

Flint = Knowledge   Char Cloth = Knowledge   Striker = Action

Are you ready to learn how to strike a spark?

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

Dick Powell  727-422-1833


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