This morning I had an informal interview with a person I have respected and known for a long time. What I came to realize is that even though we have known each other for a long time, we really have never “known” each other. Neither one of us had ever started to build the road of trust between us. We were never ready to be really open and available for one another.

Building relationships with others is sometimes messy and you get to know too much about each other. You become vulnerable when you allow yourself to be open enough to share and care. You need to have a two-way street of communications, always open and ready to receive as well as send. If your total relationship has been the friendly, “Hey how are you doing” or “What a beautiful day it is!” you are probably never going any farther that. Why? Trust! Those people will be acquaintances. Being a friend requires effort and work to know, like and trust each other. You need to share a bit of yourself and so does the other person. These bits build the relationship.

Are you at a friend making / relationship building place in your life? Are you only interested in what a person can do for you or are you truly interested in the person and in building a relationship? Do you ask questions? Are you open in return? Honesty is scary in a new or old relationship. Trust is the key. Without it, you can never be a friend, have friends, or true relationships, only acquaintances.

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One thought on “Relationships

  1. Hi Dick, You are a person that I trust. We may not being doing business together at the moment, AND I value the time we have spent and I know the future holds a lasting relationship of business, friendships, and networking.

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