Adventure is Waiting for YOU!!!

Adventure is Waiting for YOU!!

Is YOUR life, your career just passing you by?

Are YOU tired of watching from the sidelines?

Are YOU willing to do the hard work?

 The 360 Leader — Developing Your Influence from anywhere in the organization

Lead Up by: lightening your leader’s load; being willing to do what others won’t; knowing when to push and when to back off, and more

 Lead Across by: completing your fellow leaders (without competing); letting the best idea win; practicing the “leadership loop”

Lead Down by: walking through the halls…slowly; transferring the vision; rewarding the results

Are YOU Ready to Get Started?

Date: Mondays

Week 1 Oct. 27th, Week 2 Nov. 3rd, Week 3 Nov. 10th, Week 4 Nov. 17th,

Week 5 Nov. 24th, Week 6 Dec. 1st

Time: 8:00pm to 9:00pm EST

Place: Tele-Conference (Call in number provided with payment)

Cost: $127.97 (for all six weeks)

But Wait!!

**When 2 are Paid in Full the 3rd will be invited as a complimentary Guest**

Be a HERO and invite a friend to attend and learn with you!

 Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

Dick Powell  Call: 727-422-1833   or   Email:


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