Why Work With A Coach?

People that can benefit working with a coach are:

> People that are searching for want or who they want to be.

> People that have lost confidence in themselves.

> People that do not know how to make a change.

> People that feel they have nothing to offer.

> People that have been downsized.

> People that want to start a new business.

> People that are in a job they hate.

> People that have raised a family and are looking for work.

> People that has never been in the work force.

> People that just graduated and cannot find a job.

The EWFW Coach is dedicated to: Helping people help themselves rediscover their talents, passions, build companies, retain customers, create and achieve their goals.

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

Dick & Robin Powell  727-422-1833

Dick@EWFW.org   www.EWFW.org


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