Doer’s Do — Slackers Don’t

Doers Do – Slackers Don’t

Are you a doer or a slacker? Do you do what needs to be done or do you put it off until the last moment and rush to make it happen? Doers are disciplined risk takers who are motivated to use their passion, gifts, and talents to achieve their plans in life. Slackers, not so much.

Doers are researchers. They do the homework so they are ready to attack the opportunities as they are presented. They are always collecting information, never knowing when they will need each piece collected. They are readers of everything and anything and they are observers of life and all it has in it.

Doers are preparers. They prepare for the little things that pop up in life as well as the big things. They employ a long range plan, mid-range plan, short-range plan and daily plan that keeps them on track towards their short, mid and long range goals. They have found out the Five secrets of planning: First, think through the who, what, when, where, and, how. Second, write it down. Third, put dates on each item as to when it will be completed. Forth, share it with someone or your whole team. Fifth is accountability.

Doers are executers. They know that doing the research and being prepared is not enough. They must put the plan into action. By using the plan and the dates as guides, it makes the completion all the more meaningful.

Doers are disciplined risk takers who are motivated to use their passion, gifts, and talents to achieve their plans in life.

Slackers do not like to do the research. Taking the time to do the homework is too much of a bother. They always have an excuse why an opportunity has passed them by. They do not collect information for its future use and they do not read. If I had a dollar for every time I was told. “I did all my reading in high school or college and I don’t have the time”, I really would be a millionaire.

Slackers are never prepared. They don’t like to have any plans that might hold them accountable. They do not have a team to share with and have the lone ranger attitude.

Slackers don’t execute. With no discipline there is no accountability. They have no guide so things only get done in a reactive mode.

The biggest problem we face today is the PLOM disease. “Poor Little Old Me” Right behind that disease is: “You Owe Me” and right behind them are: I Can’t, I won’t, I don’t know how, It’s OK for you but not for me, I’m having a bad hair day, and the list goes on and on.

Grandpa said: IF you want to complain, moan and groan, go somewhere else so I don’t have to hear your noise. If you want to be something, have something, let’s go to work!

Doer or Slacker it is YOUR choice!!

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