“Expectations & Employees”

Expectations & Employees:


  • If it is not written down in black and white, expectations do not exist and the employee cannot be held accountable for something that has not been completed.
  • When expectations are written down, they should be agreed to by both the company and the employee with a signed and dated document. No signed and dated document – No agreement!
  • Expectations must be specific. Generalizations will not be held as an expectation.
  • Expectations must be measurable.
  • Expectations for the employee after signed will need a mentor. This should be someone that can champion and guide the employee. This should be a person Not on the Human Resources group.
  • The mentor will provide to the human resources a weekly or regular update as to the disposition of the employee.
  • Review of the expectations on the date decided by the company and agreed upon by the employee should:
    1. Have the written and signed documents ready and available.
    2. Employee should have representation.
      1. This person would be taking notes
    3. Human Resources will provide the notes from the last meeting to the employee representative and the employee.
  • If job changes for any reason, there must be a new job description and expectations written and presented to the employee by Human Resources. If this is not done the employee cannot be held accountable for any verbal discussion.
  • Human Resources are there to protect the company and how they wish to complete the mission of the company within the guidelines of working together with the employee.
  • When a company becomes a one sided, non-conversational, not prepared with written guidelines, job descriptions, notes signed by all parties, it shows a lack of diligence and trust from the company.

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