The Land of As Soon As

Land of As Soon As:


Are you or someone you know stuck in the land of “As Soon AS”?

Most of us have been there from time to time. You know:

“As Soon As”:

I have enough money I will go that class! — I have the right job!

I meet the right person! — I have the right pair of shows!

I have the right car! — I have the right house!

The kids grow up! — The moon shines in the day time!

You get the picture. So the question becomes: How do I find my way out of the land of “As Soon As” and get going to the land “See You There”?

Let’s take a short trip.


  • Be Yourself: No one is who you are and you cannot compare yourself to others because they are not you.
  • You will need Balance in your personal life, family life, business life and your adventure in life. Good true relationships are the key here.
  • What is your dream? Do you have more than one? Can you describe them in one sentence or less? Do you have a plan to attain them? Is the plan written down so that it can be shared with those that support you and your dream?
  • Find a mentor. Knowledge and accountability are a must and reinventing the wheel just takes time away from your dream.
  • Build solid relationships. Surround yourself with positive people heading in your direction. This could be scary. Who are the people you hang around? Are they encouragers? Do they know your dreams? Will they help you to succeed? If the answer is no to any of these – move on.
  • Stop blaming everyone else for what you don’t have. If you want something, discipline yourself and make the waiting and saving a fun adventure. New shoes. No problem. What do they cost? How much can you afford? Is it a want or a need? Am I willing to wait?
  • What are you taking (ACTION) daily towards your dream? One small step daily will take you up the mountain. “Fast & crazy is always fun – Slow and steady get’s the job done”
  • Evaluate where you are right now! Get a list going on your dream of what needs done, when it needs to be accomplished and is there someone that can help you. Forgive yourself for anything in the past. If there has been an opportunity between you and someone else. Admit it. Apologize and move on
  • Take good care of yourself. Your health is important both mentally and physically. Get a plan and stick to it. You will be no good to yourself or others if you are sick and unable to contribute.
  • Learn how to effectively listen and communicate. The most important is learning to listen.



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