“What Did YOU Just Say?”


Communication: Why is it so messy and hard? Why can’t I say what I want to say without censor? Is anyone really listening anyhow? Why is the relationship gap so large most of the time and it is so rare to find that other person that the connection is so strong that words are no longer necessary. Our minds were made for communal thought and the society trains us to be individuals, when collective thought, many brains working on the same wave length can take us all so far.

The other part of communication is: Must Play Well With Others. It amazes me all the time when so many individuals need to be the star and are unable to let anyone else in the circle.

The BORG in the Star Trek series was called the Collective. They assimilated everything it came into contact with. It learned everywhere. Its tag line was Resistance Is Futile. They had one purpose and one goal.

In a conversation at last evenings Mastermind on communication the question was asked: Why don’t they teach this in our schools today? They went on to say that they had all been required to take speech class and no one ever told them it was all about the people they were talking to and not all about the way they were dressed and the way they looked. So here are just a few guidelines for all that have taken speech and never had anyone share with them the secret:

 John Wayne said: “Say it slow and say it low!”

 Keep It Simple:

               Talk to the people on their level, not above them. Big words, like big titles really do not impress anyone. Using 2 or 3 letter abbreviations are never OK to use. Even if the group knows what the alphabet soup is. You know the words use them. Be on their wave length. Do your research, preparation before you execute.

               Get to the point and don’t beat a dead horse.

               Say it over and over and over again, but not all at one sitting.

               Say it with clarity. Think it through before you speak.

               Say less with more. As few words as you can.

Say It Slowly: Slow down you move too fast: You got to make the morning last, now! Give them time to take it all in and get the mind working. Give them time to take some notes. It must be important if you are sharing it with them.

Have A Smile: So many times a smile can make you and not break you. Bridging the communication gap will always start with a smile. A real one – never phony!

 Daniel Pink has this to say:

“There are three words essential to connecting with others: (1) Brevity (2) Levity and (3) Repetition.”

                                                 “Let me say that again!!”

                          Get It? Say it slow. Say it with humor. Save it over and over.

                                 Now get out there and make it happen!!!

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