Are we in a society of “Busy”? Do you and your family always have to be on the go? Does staying home and enjoying each other sound terrifying?

These are the questions in America right now. My personal observations are that the children do not get time to be creative and learn the joys of self-entertainment. I see young people and adults alike that have to be busy every moment of the day. Always going. To the store, to the movies, to the beach, to the soccer field, baseball field, hockey rink, with no down time except the travel time.

The numbers in Church youth groups, Sunday school, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, is falling. The notion of leadership and accountability is falling. Creativity is something that those strange people in artist colonies do. If people of all ages are not busy at work, with a communication device, or eating out, they are lost and must quickly find something to stay busy.

Cooking and making a meal is one of the easiest things to do. Yet our fast food companies are growing at the rate of our waist lines. We want to watch sports but are too busy to get outside and actually get involved. I constantly hear: I am so busy! I ask doing what and they search for an answer. It is like we have raised a society of “Busy” and not productive, caring, intuitive, sharing, and accountable for their actions.

“Busy” Describe it for yourself and answer the questions that started this conversation.


Dick Powell

727-422-1833   Dick@EWFW.org



One thought on ““BUSY”

  1. Such a dull society! very little people understand that being constantly busy is not the way.. we all need time to think about ourselves, to appreciate our life and to be thankful for what we have. Being constantly busy is just a way to skip reality, to give up our responsabilities..


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