“Imagination Is What Fuels Reality!”

Where has your imagination taken you? Mine has transported me from a dead end street, with no future in sight to a life of everyday adventure. Now, I admit some were not so fun, but most have been memorable. I remember quite vividly the first time I stepped on a stage to give a speak. I was to tell a story that had real meaning inside of it. As I started I saw the faces of the audience start to pay attention to this back woods story teller. They were hanging on every word and how I was winding the story throughout each of their lives. Afterward I was told that they had never heard such a story told and as my hands and body moved to the motions they had found themselves moving in their seats. It was then my imagination really started to work over time as I realized that all of the stories I had made up in my mind others wanted to share with me.

I am living proof that the imagination does indeed fuel the reality!

So What Is YOUR Imagination Telling YOU To Do?

Dick Powell          Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

(727) 422-1833    Dick@EWFW.org    EWFW.org




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