“Speaking Tips”

“Speaking Tips”

  1. Introduce yourself – Personal connection
  2. Introduce your topic
  3. Know your main point(s)
  4. Know them / note card as needed
  5. Practice
  6. Body movements

     a. Stepping away from the audience creates negativity & the energy of            the group will go down.

     b. Stepping towards the audience creates a positive look & the energy               rises.

     c. Distractions:

          1. Hands in your pockets (looks bad from the audience)

          2. Playing with change or keys in your pockets.

          3. Glasses

          4. Hands under your armpits.

          5. Scratching (anywhere)

                         6. Use the two finger point – never just the one.

  1. Main Point / Story
  2. Point – Transition – Story
  3. Point – Transition – Story
  4. Point – Transition – Story     
  5. Stage
  6. Use every inch of the available stage
  7. Intentional, Slow, Deliberate
  8. Vocabulary
  9. No slang
  10. No abbreviations
  11. No short cuts
  12. Know where you are and the crowd you are in front of.
  13. Pronunciation – If you don’t know how, or what it means – DON’T USE THE WORD!
  14. Speaking
  15. Be Clear
  16. Be Yourself
  17. Establish Credibility
  18. Don’t Preach (unless that is your calling)
  19. Interactive

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