“What Is YOUR Destiny?


Do you believe that your destiny is written and cannot be changed? I believe that everyone has a specific plan and your gifts, talents and passion have been provided just for you.

It is our job to seek out my given gifts, talent and passion.

So how are we called to do this? First you have to come to the realization that you can do nothing by yourself. Next take, some time to sit I quietly and look inward…Think!

Ask for guidance and direction. Now write them down. Everything, Yes, I do mean everything! Get a list going of all the things that come naturally to you and you love to do. Get another list going of the things you don’t like to do. Now, get out and ask some people that you trust will give you trusted, true, and accurate answers. Ask them what they believe are your gifts, talents, and passions. Compare notes. Correlate and evaluate the information. Now you are ready.

Research – each of the items on the list.

Prepare – learn all you can about each item on the list.

Execute – take your preparation, your research, and put them to work

OK, time to get the plan down on paper. Share it with others. Live your passion, use your gifts, and share and build everyone around you. That is what you have been called to do. Now use it!


Dick Powell

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

(727) 422-1833






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